Grant Success for our Researchers

2021 has seen a large amount of grant and funding success for our researchers:

Professor Richard Easther (Physics) was awarded a RSNZ Marsden grant, entitled “Lighting the Dark: Understanding the Early Universe.”

Drs Emily Parke (Philosophy) and Dan Hikuroa (Māori Studies) were awarded Marsden funding for their project: “Dimensions of life: integrating scientific and philosophical perspectives on the living world”. This project blossomed in the TAM transdisciplinary space that we have created over the past 5 years at the University of Auckland. It is exciting and promising to see cross-disciplinary collaboration in the wider Astrobiology field.

TAM member Mike Rowe (Environment) won a RSNZ Catalyst Grant to bring Japanese space scientists and engineers to New Zealand in 2022 to explore a Mars sample return mission via a workshop on campus and a field trip to Rotorua. TAM members John Cater (Aerospace Engineering), Nick Rattenbury and Kathy Campbell are also involved in the project.