Australian Astrobiology Meeting 2018

The Australasia Astrobiology Meeting was held in Rotorua on 25-26 June 2018. It was organised by the New Zealand Astrobiology Network (NZAN) in partnership with the Australian Centre for Astrobiology and Te Ao Mārama, and was supported by Blue Marble Space Institute of Science.
The meeting addressed current topics in astrobiology, including the origin of life, biosignatures of early Earth, the search for extra-terrestrial life on Mars and elsewhere, and science communication and outreach.
Speakers included Dr Mitch Schulte (NASA), Dr Lindsay Hays (NASA), Professor Kathy Campbell (University of Auckland and Te Ao Mārama), Martin van Kranendonk (University of New South Wales and Australian Centre for Astrobiology) and Dr Seth Shostak (SETI Institute).
Te Ao Mārama provided scholarships for a number of students from the University of Auckland to present their past and current research to conference attendees. The scholarship recipients include Sian Camp, Michaela Dobson, Alannah Rickerby, Sam Elley, Jenna Li and Chanenath Sriaporn.